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Love is an existence, not a reaction, not an activity. It is not a thought, or an emotion. It is as substantial, as real as Essence is, because it is Essence.’ (Diamond Heart Book II. p157, A.H. Almaas)


In the course of my journey, I have come to appreciate the simple truth that a personal, relational field of love and reverence for the client as ‘Thou’ (Buber, 1958) is central and crucial for the healing process in psychotherapy.

One can have trained and studied the full myriad of brilliant models of psychotherapy and therapeutic approaches, but without the presence of love and a fundamental respect for the experience and essence of the other with whom we meet, I doubt if benefit can result from sessions, offered ostensibly as ‘therapeutic’.

As I will articulate in Chapter one, I believe we are constituted as sentient beings with an essential self, which is distinct from our personality structure. With the help of a healing therapeutic relationship, we can become more fully ourselves, and so, increasingly free and available for the fulfilment of our inherent potential; and for connection with others and the ground of being beyond our physical bodies, of which we are an indivisible part.

My understanding of the practice of an ‘I-Thou’ attitude (Hycner and Jacobs,1995), is of a faithful, reverential trust in the divinity and potential of the other, irrespective of appearance and presentation. This attitude enables and supports profound contact, from which can flow up from the deep, those matters which need loving, compassionate attention. 

In this way, liberating exploration can take place, of imprints, introjects and intrapsychic and relational adaptations, which stand as impediments to our self-realisation, connection with other beings, and the fulfilment of our individual and collective majesty.

In such sessions particular conceptual models, approaches, techniques and supportive strategies we have learned over the years, can emerge and occur to us, from within the dialogue and our process of ‘imaginal thinking’ (Sardello, 1999), as helpful to the person at this time in her/his journey. In this paper I will describe some I have found to be of use. It is critical that these are resonant with, and simply in the service of the movement of the soul towards expansion and greater freedom.

Love and reverence are primary words for the practice of psychotherapy; and brilliant theories, concepts and plans need to be understood as secondary, and, in the service of the individual and collective soul. An identification with any modality and concept (including the essential self) which takes precedence over love and reverence will restrict the work.

In this way, I have found both personally and professionally, that psychotherapy as a formalised process of deep contact, sharing and exploration can affect healing and transformation, which can be spoken of in alchemical terms.

 " Love does overcome fear, but not the kind of love that we engage in from our ego or sentimentality. Love acts as a force against fear by being an impulse toward relationship, connection, and attraction, which stands against impulses toward separation, division, conflict and violence. as we become more soul conscious, we find ourselves more and more in the world and less and less self-centered."

Robert Sardello


Working with the Essential Self in Psychotherapy


“I think that the person is a bit like the TARDIS – pretty unimpressive on the outside, but practically infinite on the inside, with huge resources and immense untrodden ways. The person is not a poor limited worm on the face of the earth, but a being of great potential and magical connections.” John Rowan


      VenueBe-ing Therapy Centre, 15 Vernon Street Derby, DE1 1FT

                       Date9.30-5.30 pm Saturday 29 June & 10-5.30 pm Sunday 30thJune 2019

Fee: £170 (£140: Early bird fee for payments before 1stMay)

The realisation of the full potential of ‘two person’ relational psychotherapy requires our holding of a ‘true and timeless Self, an Essential Self…not constructed in early life…’ (A.H. Almaas, 1988).


In this second workshop concerning the essential self, we will explore the healing and emancipatory orientation and possibilities of this perspective, within our work as psychotherapists. 


This will be with love and reverence for the depth & potential of the self for healing, fulfilment & profound realisation, and, its ultimate unity with the ground of being.


Integral to my approach is an appreciation of the systemic and transgenerational dimensions. In this workshop, I will include introductory teaching for the application within individual psychotherapy of important elements of family constellation work.


The workshop will include exercises of personal inquiry, group discussion, and exploration of work with clients. 


The workshop is for up to 8 participants. 


Each participant will be provided with a ring-bound book of my writing on this topic, and a CPD certificate of attendance.


Please contact me via email or phone, if you are interested in this event.



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