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'Jung and his Twin Brother:

From Sibling-Rivalry and Fratricide towards Redemption' 

Speaker: Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer

In a preview of his forthcoming book.

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Freud’s ‘Outstanding’ Colleague/Jung’s ‘Twin Brother’ (Routledge, 2015), the subject of my talk is twofold: I shall introduce a trans-historical methodology. This is a psychoanalytic, intersubjective, and trans-generational approach to the past. Based in core aspects of Gross’s work, as well as the historical conceptualization of Walter Benjamin, my research-method arcs backwards to the past with the intention to contribute to healing present and future. Benjamin speaks of an ‘Angel of History’, and this evokes the presence of the holy. From this perspective, and in the light of my latest research and discoveries, I am approaching the conflictual dialectic between Jung and Gross as it unfolded in the early years of the creation of psychoanalysis. I also consider their relationship in terms of the father-projections both had towards Freud, and the resulting father/son-dynamics. My trans-historical method gathers all the actors in this drama on a metaphorical stage for the purpose of determining truth in the hope of reconciliation and redemption.

Dr. Gottfried M. Heuer,

Jungian Training–psychoanalyst and –supervisor, Neo-Reichian body-psychotherapist: over 35 years of clinical practice in West-London; independent scholar with more than 70 papers published in the major analytic journals; books include 10 congress–proceedings for the International Otto Gross Society; Sacral Revolutions, and Sexual Revolutions (both Routledge, 2010/-11); he is also a published graphic artist, photographer, sculptor and poet.

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