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Exploring the Legacy of Trauma from Previous Generations

Venue: The Sherwood Institute, Nottingham




Fee includes Lunchand refreshments

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This workshop will explore participants’ own experiences of trauma, and look at ways of helping clients, who have inherited a family legacy of trauma, to heal. We are informed by studiesthat have emerged in recent decades about the impact of the Holocaust upon the second generation (the children) of its survivors. The insights from these studies support our awareness of the impact of transmitted trauma, whether emanating from persecution and war, or from factors closer to home such as abuse, suicide and infant mortality.

The workshop looks at the family constellation model, a powerful resource for the systemic identification and processing of transgenerational trauma; and also at a more specific ‘second generation’ focus, attending to the psychological impact of being raised by traumatised parents.

The transgenerational perspective is not a different therapeutic technique. Rather, it is a way of extending our awareness, enabling questions to be asked in areas that might otherwise have been missed. It can be be liberating and empowering for the progress of our lives. We believe that without a transgenerational orientation, there is a risk that exploring childhood issues in therapy may perpetuate an incomplete and distorted view of parents, and restrict our movement towards maturity.

This workshop will incorporate a demonstration, theories about the transmission of trauma, personal exploration, and consideration of how we can integrate this awareness into our work with clients.

We aim to facilitate attendees in gaining a deeper understanding of their own encounters with trauma, and alertness to the possibility of transmitted trauma in their clients’ experiences and family histories.

The perspective of transgenerational trauma is relevant to all therapists, in opening out consciousness of what may be impacting our clients. The second generation focus has particular relevance for therapists who are seeing clients whose parents have emigrated to escape persecution.


Judy is an experienced existentially-trained BACP senior –accredited psychotherapist and supervisor, with many years of working in voluntary organisations, the NHS and private practice. In recent years she has been researching and working with a transgenerational perspective. In her work with the second generation, she draws upon her knowledge as a psychotherapist and her personal experiences of being the daughter of refugees. In 2014 ‘Therapy Today’ published an article by Judy on this theme.

Isaac is an experienced psychotherapist (Accredited by SPTI & Registered with UKCP since 2000), and a clinical supervisor. He is a member of a family which was deeply affected by the Holocaust, and has been exploring and working with the transgenerational dimension since 1998. He trained in 2004 & 2005 in family constellation work with the Hellinger Institute of Britain (Now, The Centre for Systemic Constellations), and has led family constellation workshops. Isaac is a student of the Diamond Approach with the Ridhwan School UK.

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