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A CPD Workshop with Isaac Pizer 

The Essential Self in Psychotherapy

9.30 am-5.30 pm on Saturday 27 October 2018

 Venue: Be-ing Therapy Centre, 15 Vernon Street Derby, DE1 1FT.

 The post Second World War ‘relational turn’ in the theory and practice of psychotherapy precipitated a crucial development, which aided personal and collective exploration and emancipation.


I believe the realisation of the full potential of ‘two person’ relational psychotherapy requires our holding of a ‘true and timeless Self, an Essential Self…not constructed in early life…’ (A.H. Almaas, 1988).


An appreciation of the irreducible depth of the self and its unity with the ground of being is a prerequisite for respect and faithfulness to the profundity and mystery of the human experience. Ever since a transformational experience in 1979 (facilitated by my first therapist),

 I have held a deep trust in our potential for self-realisation. I would like to share my experience, thoughts & vision with you. In this workshop, I will describe my orientation and approach to working relationally for the facilitation of deepening inner contact, self-responsibility and realisation.


The workshop is for up to 8 participants, and will include exercises of inquiry for the exploration & discussion of personal and clinical experiences of self.


Fee: £100. Early Bird Fee: £80 for booking & payment by 1 August.

For enquiries & bookings, click here to complete & post to me a email via my contact page.

My friend, Gottfried M. Heuer, has published an important book which I warmly recommend: "Freud's 'Outstanding Colleague'/Jung's 'Twin Brother' " (Publisher:Routledge). It is a study of 'The suppressed psychoanalytic and political significance of Otto Gross'. It is a powerful book, beautifully composed with scholarship, and love. I was honoured to have been accorded the opportunity to make a small contribution to the book, via quotation of a paragraph from the thoughts I have shared with Gottfried.

Gottfried talks about his book with Jonathan Chadwick @



Psychotherapy and the Work of the Soul

  1. Introduction

I feel honoured to be invited to share my thoughts about psychotherapy and the soul with members of the Jungian community. Thank you. 


My use of the word ‘soul’ is strongly influenced by the work of Hameed Ali, pen name A.H. Almaas, the originator of the Diamond Approach to personal realisation.


He says:-The self is a living organism that constitutes a field of perception and action. This is what we call “soul.” Fundamentally it is an organism of consciousness, a field of awareness capable of what we call experience – experience of the world and of self-reflective awareness of itself. Soul and self are used somewhat interchangeably.’
The Point of Existence, p. 13


Following my first contact with psychotherapy over 35 years ago, I have been attached to  and identified it as a path for self-realization. 

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